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Whether it is advice for an health issue that has been bothering you or to get a non-biased second opinion, DocIn60 will ensure that you get the best advice and help take the right decisions

Consult a doctor for yourself, your children or your loved ones. Stop self-diagnosing, and get connected !

Doctor with Files

No Waiting

Connected within 60 seconds 
No need to waste time on chat or email, directly speak with the doctor and get your problem solved
Don't try to self diagnose, get your symptoms explained by an expert

Stethoscope on the Cardiogram

Cost effective

Fraction of the cost of visiting your local physician
No need to deal with complications of insurance, follow-ups and partial reimbursements

Doctor with Mammography

Qualified doctors

All doctors in our network hold a degree in medicine (MBBS / Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) or higher) and most have more than 15 years of medical experience. No nurses or assistants involved during consultation. We thoroughly screen our doctors and ensure the highest quality of healthcare.

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